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Everyone’s ecchi dream…. and some more randoms
Posted on March 29th, 2008 at 2:59 pm by Noshi

It’s Saturday evening and I’m bored like omfg. I think that spider in the corner of my room even has more to do than me XD I wanted to share something funny with you:

charming, don’t you think? =’]
Thank god it’s not their real bums, just a print on the skirt itself XD Might come in handy for anyone who would like people looking back, but are too shy to wear sexy stuff? 😛

Ok, but I’m still bored. I’ve been online windowshopping*cough*saving items I want to buy when I get my pay*cough* and came to the conclusion that it’s really bad for me XD while browsing ebay, cdjapan, or online manga shops, there’s always something I’d say: ah, I’d like to have that. The more you see, the more you’ll think of how little money you actually have to spend 😛 . Really sad. But yesterday some cool clothes I ordered arrived, so I can’t complain, and I’ll restrict myself from buying clothes for a while ^^

Maybe some people outside of the Netherlands have heard about this retard politician called Geert Wilders?

not just his head is retarded, but recently he’s made a “movie” called Fitna. Well yes “movie” because it was merely a heap of cut and paste of news fragments and other shocking images regarding the Islam. He shook this whole country with the announcement of his almighty “movie”. It’s fine if he wanted to make a statement with that movie, but he screwed up, and ended up with even that Danish cartoonist as his enemy. The atmosphere in this country is rather tense, as this guy has been making a fuzz about everything islam-related, and Fitna has made everything worse, as it was just a big compilation full of insult. Zero respect for this guy.

Test week coming up for me, I left some books at school so I might be screwed if my friend doesn’t reply to me soon whether she has the books for me or not XD. I hope the tests will go well though. I’ve been skipping and slacking off, but I sure hope it won’t be visible in my results =’]

But, I’m still bored so I think I’ll go for a nice, hot shower and then tuck myself in under my blankets XD read a book, or watch pictures in the magazines I bought last Monday ^^

Yesh! XD