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Posted on April 16th, 2008 at 11:50 am by Noshi

… when you’re annoyed, pissed, bored, sad, cranky, tired, and feeling lifeless?

Some distraction
I’ve been watching  a lot of  anime lately. Finally some new anime that seem interesting to watch, although I actually don’t really have the time for that. Special A, xxxHolic Kei and Vampire Knight are already on my list of entertainment 😀 I’ve been downloading almost every new series that came out, didn’t have time to watch some of those though. It’s kinda a pain in the ass that everything has to be released in 9843797632947 different file types =/ ShinSensSubs even announced that they’ll be one week later with xxxHolic Kei eps than usual because people have been nagging for .AVI files instead of the .MKV or whatever they were using. They gave in, and from now on they’ll release the xxxHolic Kei in .AVI version. Well it is yay for AVI but one week is not so cool =/ My computer is a real oldie *pets over 6 years old pc* 😛 so I also have a hard time on watching some anime properly, so finding the right anime, episode, subber and version is really a pain in the ass for me.

Annoying the living shit out of me
I sometimes have those days that everything goes wrong, everyone is against me, and anyone coming near me those days will have to die a painful death. This is one of those days, and even though you’d like to tell anyone, you have the feeling as if you don’t want to bother, or just feel like not telling (anymore) at all. Lately everything is like a pain in the ass for me, but seems no one is bothered, or maybe I just don’t want people to be bothered. Hm.

Money money money
Even though I have a new job, and I really like it there, it feels like I should work there more often. My pay is decent, but dunno if it’s enough to fill that hole in my hand. There are those moments that you’d like to buy everything you like, but you’re always restricted by other important stuff. I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff I’d love to have, but can’t buy. And not because I’m poor, but more like I don’t want to feel materialistic or greedy or something? XD Probably also because I might want to save up money for a vacation next year. I haven’t been on a real vacation for almost 3 or 4 years or so? There’s a big chance of me going to Hong Kong with my family next year. But what I was having in mind was staying there for one week or so, then go to Japan for a few weeks. I’d love to go there, next year I’m done with my school, up to university, so it’d be such a nice way to celebrate it there.. Also I know that some friends of mine are probably going to Japan next year too. It would be great if I could join them.
All just a dream for now though.
I might drop it, because it might be too much of a hassle, with money, arranging, and a whole lot of other things. We’ll see.

A lot of events coming up!
first: Holiday! of two weeks ^^ can’t wait
*date unknown yet* surgery =/
24th June – Miyavi concert
5th July – Chibicon
same day as chibicon is the X Japan concert. I’d really like to go there too though.. it’s all the way to Paris, France =/ Even if it’s just to get the chance to see/hear them live, or to have a small vacation this year in France, I don’t care, I’d love to go but meh.. maybe, see how my finances will be around that period XD
Another Japanese band named Kagrra, will be having a Europe tour during summer, might want to see them live too if they visit the Netherlands. Somehow, most bands won’t go further than Germany. Damn Germans always have the gigs I want to attend! XD

The end
Well, this post kept me entertained for a long while. Back to reality now *sighs*. *kicks homework*. The weather can be so deceiving. Right now it’s rather sunny outside. Makes me think I have to run outside or something, because it seems it’s finally starting to get a bit more Spring. And even though the sky does have more blue than few weeks ago, it’s still rather cold and windy >__>. Sun should make people feel more happy, but goodlooking weather x badfeeling cold is really a bad combo to me.

I wonder how many have been reading this 😛 you’d probably feel like putting your arms in the air and run away screaming in circles huh? 😛