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End of spring holiday
Posted on May 11th, 2008 at 8:01 pm by Noshi

Soooo my spring holidays are coming to its end… do not want. It’s been my best holiday since months though. The weather has been very nice lately. Hot, but better than rain everyday.

And what has Noshi been doing lately? Well, working a lot, more than I intended to.. I hope I’ve earned a lot of money to close that hole in my hand for at least a few months. From this month on I’ll really try to save up money for a kickass holiday next year. I know I have been buying quite some stuff because internet makes it that easy for me, but last week will be my last time, and I’ll just stay away and/or restrict myself from buying

I’ve been… sleeping a lot XD Recently I sleep with my head at the window side of my room, and when I open a small window at that side, a lot of nice breezes pass through it. Sleeping, or even just relaxing on my bed like that is like heaven then XD.

School will start again on Tuesday. I wonder how I’ll survive this last part of the school year. I have to survive a maths retake this Friday first X___x I so f******-hate maths…. I hope to be able to wake up in time every morning because of the weather.. I have the weird habit to stay in bed when it’s cold or dark outside.. getting up is easier when it’s shining outside.

But aside all this I haven’t been doing much lately. I wrote an entry similar to this one a few weeks ago, but it failed on me when I tried posting it T___T

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