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Yay procrastination~!
Posted on May 15th, 2008 at 4:50 pm by Noshi


Seriously, I’ve been learning for 4 days straight already for that damn maths retake (6chapters omg T^T) And about sinus functions, logarithms, etc the subjects I hate most in life. And it actually doesn’t matter. No matter how hard I study, I’ll probably get a bad grade anyways (10points system, 10 is highest you can get, 1 is lowest) I had a 3,5 last time, because I didn’t study for it. I’m trying my best though, at least they won’t be whining that I got low grade this time because I haven’t studied hard enough >__>

My homeroom teacher is too retarded lately. I had this conversation with him about my surgery. I said the chance was pretty big that the exact date might be during the last tests week. So he said that it was ok, and that my health goes first, and that I could make the tests after the summer holiday so they would postpone my promotion to the next school year. It sounded nice at first, it kinda put me under pressure that the tests and my surgery would block eachother, so I thought it could at least take one worry away.. But that ass of a teacher asked me a day later if I could ask the hospital to postpone my surgery. Is that man insane?! I’ve been waiting for at least half a year, and I’d finally like to get it over with. So I told him that I’ll probably be put later in the surgery queue(assuming he didn’t know this) but he went like: “Well yeah, maybe, but school is also important blablabla”. What he was probably trying to say was, “I changed my mind, it will be too much work for us if you have your surgery during the tests week, so I’ll be rude and ask you to stress another half a year, or with maybe even the chance that you’ll get surgery during the summer holidays”. It pissed me off so much. GAH…

Hm…I’m ranting again 😛 time for some good stuff. I’ve really decided to stop buying stuff I don’t need ^^ I’ll try my best to save up A LOT of money for a holiday next year ^^ I’m really really gonna need that after I’m done with school that year. I’m aiming for Japan, definitely, or else hm.. I’ll try borrowing money from someone? XD

BTW, does anyone order stuff from CDJapan often? Could anyone tell me what that coupon is you get over the subtotal of your purchases within three months? I’ve ordered quite a lot there, but I didn’t receive any coupon or anything… should I wait till next month or something?

I think this section is pretty cool XD. I’ve been thinking of buying random stuff like this one or even something silly like this XD And wearing it to animecons or something 😀 (@last link, I dig mustaches now, goatees are out ;P)

Well this kept me entertained for a while. Plz comment if you read this, so I don’t feel like as if I’m actually writing something on the walls at the toilets or something.. 😛 Back to maths *oh, it’s smiling so devilishly at me* (seriously, when I’m done with school, I’ll burn anything that has to do with maths and then throw it out of the window while still burning XD If someone gets hurt, I’ll blame maths :P)