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New month plz.
Posted on May 25th, 2008 at 5:43 pm by Noshi

I’m done with May.

Can’t wait for June to begin.

I’ve got like.. 5 more weeks to go till school is over, much longer than I thought I would have. Then shit is over for 2 months or something, while I still have to wait for a date for my surgery >__> they are sure taking a long time…

Everything is going too slow for me though. I really need a fresh start for June. I’m feeling kinda depressed lately, and I don’t even feel like telling it to the person I’m closest to.. I’ll try work lesser, or something like that. Depends the situations. Working feels really good when you’re in a bad mood. It keeps bad thoughts away for an hour or 5. Good enough. If crap goes on, I feel more tempted to just work more. But my friends are done with exams soon, so I hope I can hang out with them again.

Oh and skip less classes maybe. I’m determined to no skip any classes the last few weeks…. maybe. dunno. XD

This video is fun. I like the song and don’t even know why. I can understand like.. half of the lyrics, so if anyone would be so kind to translate or something? Lol, the girl is kind of annoying though, I hate anything that tries to be cute XD (whoa I put a youtube vid on my blog all by myself 8D without screwing up XD go me!