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New month plz.
Posted on May 25th, 2008 at 5:43 pm by Noshi

I’m done with May.

Can’t wait for June to begin.

I’ve got like.. 5 more weeks to go till school is over, much longer than I thought I would have. Then shit is over for 2 months or something, while I still have to wait for a date for my surgery >__> they are sure taking a long time…

Everything is going too slow for me though. I really need a fresh start for June. I’m feeling kinda depressed lately, and I don’t even feel like telling it to the person I’m closest to.. I’ll try work lesser, or something like that. Depends the situations. Working feels really good when you’re in a bad mood. It keeps bad thoughts away for an hour or 5. Good enough. If crap goes on, I feel more tempted to just work more. But my friends are done with exams soon, so I hope I can hang out with them again.

Oh and skip less classes maybe. I’m determined to no skip any classes the last few weeks…. maybe. dunno. XD

This video is fun. I like the song and don’t even know why. I can understand like.. half of the lyrics, so if anyone would be so kind to translate or something? Lol, the girl is kind of annoying though, I hate anything that tries to be cute XD (whoa I put a youtube vid on my blog all by myself 8D without screwing up XD go me!

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Link Here | May 27, 2008,

I’m sorry to hear that things are tough for you right now Noshi. I hope everything works out for you! *hug*

Isn’t the “girl” in the video actually also the guy in the video?

Comment by Nahrallah |

Link Here | May 27, 2008,

I have no idea actually.
I’ve seen some other vids that claimed that the girl is a guy. this vid is the only one with male vocals though, the other three music vids had only the girl with female vocals @[email protected]

anyways, thanks Nahrallah, I’ll survive somehow ^^

Comment by Noshi |

Link Here | May 27, 2008,

What does Nyoro mean? Just wondering.
I just tried looking it up as a Japanese word and the only hit I got was
如露如電 [にょろにょでん] “existence is as mutable and incorporeal as is the morning dew or a flash of lightning”
which sounds really cool.

Comment by Hiroyuki |

Link Here | May 27, 2008,

I have honestly no idea what it means XD
same with Noshi, it was a random word/name that popped into my mind while searching for something that sounds nice XD
what you quoted sounded really cool too, didn’t know that, never even took the time to look it up either though.

Comment by Noshi |

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