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Welcome to my purple noisy blog
Posted on May 29th, 2008 at 6:00 pm by Noshi

My blog is messy, purple and yeah noisy XD I haven’t spent any attention to the looks of my blog when making it, I just threw the most random things together of which I thought it would fit each other. What do the dear visitors of my blog think of it? Should I turn off my noisy music player in stead of scaring the living hell out of people when reading? Maybe change the colors? Any kind of entries you liked most? XD

My body is like falling apart now… I had to work today at 5pm and we had a lot of customers T^T so everyone at work stressed so much and it was pretty warm inside and stuff. I’ve almost been running back and forth for at least 4 hours or so? We just finished at 10.45pm though. O__o just half an hour later than usual but ok =_= we had to do cleaning and stuff after work because we didn’t have time to start the cleaning earlier. Then I realized I had to go to school tomorrow too xD I hope I won’t decide to skip school though. Meh I’ll take a quick shower in a minute and go to bed early for once..

I promised some fun vids to someone :







that should be enough to entertain you for a while O___o
Ah~ can’t wait for the weekend to finally begin ^^ then.. 4 more weeks to go!! All my friends are done with their exams. Time for me to start bugging them again for fun stuffs. And hope to receive my pay next week 8D yay! hope it’s enough to spend just a little while saving up a big part of it^^uh.. I should go sleep, youtube is too addictive XDEDIT 9000: I can’t get the fucking vids right TT^TT