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Yes! The end…. is near~!
Posted on June 26th, 2008 at 2:31 pm by Noshi


Yup, after Monday I’ll probably be done with school. I’ve got my last tests(Romeo and Juliet, physics, Seneca, religion) then and after that it’s relaxing again, and hoping that I didn’t fail this year.

Already had a little pre-party of what’s coming this summer đŸ˜›Â  Last Tuesday was Miyavi’s concert, and it was really fun. Although I had tests that day, I skipped and said I didn’t feel well. Well I really didn’t feel well, so I decided to allow it for myself to rest up a bit more, study for the next tests, and dress up properly for the concert ^^. I met up with some friends, stalking Schiphol airport at first, then arriving like half an hour before opening at the concert hall. It sold out, so there were a lot of people. Too bad I saw so many parents coming along too.. I think a handful of fans that didn’t get a ticket in time could have had one if the parents didn’t tag along.
But anyways, while the hall got crowded more and more, we just saw a nice spot somewhere in front on the left side of stage. It wasn’t crowded over there, and we could just relax against the wall and seeing almost everything on stage. Well as soon as it started the girls went screaming like mad, damn my ears would’ve been bleeding if I didn’t cover them up.

Miyavi was wearing the same outfit as on the picture I posted before, and the show became complete with cherry tree petals flying around which was pretty neat. In between the songs he played, he had a ‘battle’ with the kabuki boy tapdancer (ah I love this guy XD) and there was also this DJ tagging along named Teddyloid mixing up some of miyavi’s songs. Miyavi’s English and Dutch entertained  me. He could say more sentences than the average Japanese band that’s been here. He even asked the people to take a step back because the people in front were being crushed. Right in those engrish words đŸ˜›

After the concert I didn’t buy any merch. I did take two flyers with miyavi on one side, and Kagrra, on the other ^^ Which I’m looking forward to as well =D I just hung it next to my other flyers/posters on my wall of fame XD

Heh, just received an email of my boss to ask if me and two others didn’t have any holiday plans. Reminded me again that a few days ago it really struck me that I couldn’t go on holiday this year. That it never goes as I want/planned. So I’ll probably go work a lot to forget about that, maybe even get an extra holiday job if I don’t get more work days and to earn a lot so I at least have money for next year.

Also, the FTV blogs are rather dead, but since I kinda like this idea of writing random crap and people reading it, I might get another blog as well XD Any recommendations? (plz no livejournal)

btw, I changed my music player ^^ The theme is Miyavi, please give it a listen! đŸ˜€

Posted on June 13th, 2008 at 5:53 am by Noshi

This entry is about some cool Japanese outfits or related ^^ Because who doesn’t like the traditional clothes like the kimono’s/yukata’s with the fitting sandals (geta) =D

On the 24th of June, Miyavi’s gonna perform in the Netherlands! He introduced his so called “Kabuki-Rock” almost a year ago and started to dress differently as well. How he looks like now:

And the flyer for the tour:
I kinda like the traditional influences in the outfits of this artist. Although his head in the last pic kinda freaks me out O__o

On to the next artist soon to perform in the Netherlands!
Meet Kagrra,
Although they are dressing more casual lately.
These guys will perform here on the 20th of August. Their music knows rock mixed with traditional music influences. I think they also perform in kimonos and stuff.

On the 5th of July will be the Chibicon anime convention. The theme is Friends, Fun and Festival! So yet again, I expect rather a lot of people dressing up in all kinds of traditional outfits and probably the whole convention ground will look like a matsuri. ^^

The summer and these particular upcoming events really got me into this summer festival mood XD Especially when CDJapan updated their apparel section with some cool items again:



More of these can be found HERE

All that’s left is the good food and the fireworks! ^^ Honestly can’t wait for school to end (just two more weeks!) and the summer festival to begin! ^ ^

Lazy bum
Posted on June 7th, 2008 at 9:47 am by Noshi

My mom has been ranting about how messy my room is. And I was like; it’s not that messy… and I never really mind even when it really is messy. But to save myself from more daily ranting and to have some more order in my room, I took a critical look at that huge pile of junk/clothes/schoolstuff, and found that I probably might have to clean up XDD

My biggest concern was this little corner: click at own risk pic

I know I’ve been buying a lot of clothes and stuff, and that I’m kinda lazy when I change clothes because I just throw it somewhere on that already big pile of clothes XD When searching for something in the morning when I’m really in a hurry it gets very hard and I sometimes end up without finding it at all :$

Ah.. such a boring day it is >__>
especially since a lot of ppl are going to beg for autographs from Hideo Kojima, that metal gear solid dude.. whatever in Amsterdam at a big electronics store. I feel for him. Having to sign so many stuff from so many ppl. And yeh, some ppl are on vacation already, or doing something else. Well, me not, I have to go to work in a few minutes.

I received my pay few days ago, but half of is gone already XD I still had an clothes order pending, added some lovely boots to it too. And had a nice dinner+cinema with my friends day before yesterday. Ah.. money keeps on flying out of my wallet.

I’ll clean my room up for a bit, then it’s off to moneymaking, aka work. And then continue cleaning up when I get back. hm.. might get started already..