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Lazy bum
Posted on June 7th, 2008 at 9:47 am by Noshi

My mom has been ranting about how messy my room is. And I was like; it’s not that messy… and I never really mind even when it really is messy. But to save myself from more daily ranting and to have some more order in my room, I took a critical look at that huge pile of junk/clothes/schoolstuff, and found that I probably might have to clean up XDD

My biggest concern was this little corner: click at own risk pic

I know I’ve been buying a lot of clothes and stuff, and that I’m kinda lazy when I change clothes because I just throw it somewhere on that already big pile of clothes XD When searching for something in the morning when I’m really in a hurry it gets very hard and I sometimes end up without finding it at all :$

Ah.. such a boring day it is >__>
especially since a lot of ppl are going to beg for autographs from Hideo Kojima, that metal gear solid dude.. whatever in Amsterdam at a big electronics store. I feel for him. Having to sign so many stuff from so many ppl. And yeh, some ppl are on vacation already, or doing something else. Well, me not, I have to go to work in a few minutes.

I received my pay few days ago, but half of is gone already XD I still had an clothes order pending, added some lovely boots to it too. And had a nice dinner+cinema with my friends day before yesterday. Ah.. money keeps on flying out of my wallet.

I’ll clean my room up for a bit, then it’s off to moneymaking, aka work. And then continue cleaning up when I get back. hm.. might get started already..