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Posted on June 13th, 2008 at 5:53 am by Noshi

This entry is about some cool Japanese outfits or related ^^ Because who doesn’t like the traditional clothes like the kimono’s/yukata’s with the fitting sandals (geta) =D

On the 24th of June, Miyavi’s gonna perform in the Netherlands! He introduced his so called “Kabuki-Rock” almost a year ago and started to dress differently as well. How he looks like now:

And the flyer for the tour:
I kinda like the traditional influences in the outfits of this artist. Although his head in the last pic kinda freaks me out O__o

On to the next artist soon to perform in the Netherlands!
Meet Kagrra,
Although they are dressing more casual lately.
These guys will perform here on the 20th of August. Their music knows rock mixed with traditional music influences. I think they also perform in kimonos and stuff.

On the 5th of July will be the Chibicon anime convention. The theme is Friends, Fun and Festival! So yet again, I expect rather a lot of people dressing up in all kinds of traditional outfits and probably the whole convention ground will look like a matsuri. ^^

The summer and these particular upcoming events really got me into this summer festival mood XD Especially when CDJapan updated their apparel section with some cool items again:



More of these can be found HERE

All that’s left is the good food and the fireworks! ^^ Honestly can’t wait for school to end (just two more weeks!) and the summer festival to begin! ^ ^

Comments so far:

Link Here | June 15, 2008,

Why is it that girls like boys who look or dress like girls? Perhaps I should grow my hair long again….

Comment by Hiroyuki |

Link Here | June 16, 2008,

Dunno, maybe girls like the feminine side of guys? XD A lot of music artists from Japan are like that and dress as androgenous as possible.
I don’t really care though, girl or guy, their outfits are great =D

Comment by Noshi |

Link Here | June 17, 2008,

Their skin is to die for…what beautiful complextions and great make in picture number two and picture number three….like the style of dress in the black/white picture as well. They look yummy.^^)I went to a Taste of Chaos concert back in April….was all Screamo. Anyway, three bands were there from Japan and the guys were hot okay???? I was like wow! Great looks, hair and awesome style of dress. I will try and remember the names of the bands and send them to you…you may know them but not sure if you listen to screamo, Japanese style.

Comment by ImTakes |

Link Here | June 17, 2008,

You mean.. this event? http://www.jame-world.com/us/article.php?id=4985
you actually went there?!?!?!?!
yeh I know them, and they are all awesome! So you enjoyed the concert? didn’t know you would go see them ^^

Comment by Noshi |

Link Here | June 17, 2008,

Yes! I saw all three bands along with other great American bands….ah! The pictures brought back memories….fine, tight wearing pants, sweet Japanese boys! I called DSL from the concert and was screaming into the cell phone telling her about these hot Japanese guys…she laughed the whole time. The event was held at the Long Beach Arena….on the beach in Southern California…..the guys did tell us Californians…”We love L.A.! ^^)

Comment by ImTakes |

Link Here | June 17, 2008,

Ah how much I wanted to be there ;____;
it would’ve been so much fun XD I really love MUCC and D’espairsRay. Recently gotten into Transtic Nerve, (pre-The Underneath) and also nice too. Keep an eye on them, they are some of the best japanese bands you can see live.

Comment by Noshi |

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