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New week and stuff
Posted on July 7th, 2008 at 7:17 pm by Noshi

ah, what a weekend.

So last Saturday was this animeconvention, Chibicon. I must say I didn’t like it as much as last year. Last year needed some corrections, but it had a better atmosphere though in my opinion. This year the theme was friends, fun and festival. It was nice to see ppl dressing up to the theme, although most of them just couldn’t keep themselves away from the naruto cosplays. hmz..

Either way, we came in and I met up with the others, and my auntie(she’s really not much older than I am, but oh well, long story XD) and we strolled along the stands, the manga, the figures, and I found myself not really that interested. That, and I didn’t have any money to spend 🙁  Also, if you know where to get all that stuff for so much cheaper, the fun of buying stuff on cons just decreases XD too bad though, but I also just didn’t want to support dealers who ask way too much for an anime figure or poster =/

So… we were actually pretty bored throughout the whole convention. We had a little bit of fun though, with taking pictures, talking to ppl, helping to promote organisations of friends. We were about to leave about two hours before the ending of the convention, when some uchiha gal came to us with a “free uchiha hugs”… I was like: omg plz don’t. And in the bus during the trip, cosplayers and stuff were singing lame primary school songs =__= I got annoyed, because these were all ppl who wouldn’t dare doing such retarded things when the were alone or with just a small group. And then they complain in real life that ppl who watch anime have a bad name >__> gee I wonder why. I fixed myself a cool outfit though, although I still didn’t take/find a picture of it D: I’ll try posting it as soon as I get it.
edit: found it
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chibicon images:

But we had a bit of an aftermeet with our usual group, it was really fun. we had some good food at a chinese restaurant, and had a lot of good laughs. After that we wanted to go at some pub/cafe thingy, although my bf was strongly against it lol. It was fun there though, wish we could stay there, but my mom and I aren’t at good terms with eachother lately, so it was better for us to leave a bit earlier. Plus, my bf was getting grumpy I think 😛 since it’s not his thing at all and all.

Speaking of boyfriend, me and him are 1 year together as a couple now, yay! ^^

Wednesday I’ll get my grades report. If I don’t get a call tomorrow, it’ll probably mean that I passed this year XD if not, it’ll be probably my gay-ass homoroom, I mean homeroom teacher forgot to call me or something >__>

Oh and btw, my blog is pink now, I dunno why, but I didn’t really do that on purpose. As for the musicplayer, I lost my password so I can’t change the tracklist >__> emailed those people for so many times, but they never reply.

My holiday can begin after Thursday I guess. Hope I really passed this year. Although I think I did, there is still this awkward feeling I messed up one of the important tests very badly. I won’t be going on vacation though. I don’t earn that much money with my current job :S Also I’m still waiting for that stupid ass hospital to tell me when I’ll finally get my surgery. It would be just my luck when the date would be after the holidays :@

So how are you guys doing? Holiday plans?

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