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Waterflood in my room
Posted on July 23rd, 2008 at 8:22 pm by Noshi


so yeah my day started off great today, woke up rather late, but work was ok. Our dear superior wanted to split us up to give us all separate tasks for the whole evening. And well, I got the dullest task.  Making smoothies and salads the whole evening while keeping the rest of the restaurant clean seems very busy. It should be, IF there were people to order smoothies, salads or leave the restaurant the instant they finished their food >___> which didn’t happen often.

THEN I got a call from my mom at work, asking me if that water was there in my room when I left for work. I first thought she meant bathroom, but it really was my own room =___= So.. there happened to be a big flood in my room, my whole moquette was soaked, some manga lying on the floor got soaked (the ones I got for less than 2 euros thank god) some clothes, stockings, and shoes too D:

It’s really not fun to be stuck at work for another 4 hours until I could go home to check on the damage and if anything expensive got damaged or not =/ I especially got scared for one particular pair of shoes and some clothes that were expensive. The shoes were new too T__T

But the damage could’ve been worse. For now, the biggest damage will be after everything has been fixed. Because then I’ll have to take everything out of my room for a new floor. Also, my bed is made of wood, dunno how good all that water was for my bed :S

Supposedly, it was the heater that started to leak because of some damage due to rust or something like that. Maybe that was the weird sound I’ve mentioned a while ago I heard at night.

Right now I’m at my younger sister’s pc, since mine got take out from my room. Her screen makes me dizzy since it’s a very old big thing I’m staring at. And in a few minutes I  have to go sleep in her bed, since it’s not comfy to sleep in that humid room <__<

Ah.. luck is laughing at me.
And very loud too >__>