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Noshi’s announcements
Posted on August 4th, 2008 at 8:35 pm by Noshi

First off: It’s my 18th birthdaaaaayyy =D

Even though some ppl already congratulated me on the wrong dates, I’m finally really 18 right now. I had a nice day today. No pressure and stress about ppl visiting me and stuff. The day started off great already. Ppl started bothering me with their congrats-texts early in the morning already<3 XD as I wanted to continue to sleep, I prepared myself for being scolded by my mom because I didn’t wake up before 1 pm as I promised to XD

So what did Noshi get for b-day prezzies?
My newest love:click me
I can’t believe I actually have a laptop now. My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I was saving up money for a laptop. So she bought me this one. She’s actually totally clueless when it comes to electronics and stuff, since she bought it before even telling me O__o she said I could pay what I already saved up so far, and that she’d pay the rest ^^ And it’s a good laptop too! XD at first I’d go for the Asus, because it’s small, and light, and ideal to carry around, but this one is actually pretty good and fast =D

And also this weird little thingy
Ah.. I hope I can get myself to wake up in a better way before school starts for me XD this doesn’t seem like a fun way to wake up… well.. actually it does, but I ain’t telling the colleague that got this for me XDDDMy boyfriend was going to give me a totoro ^^ but it still has to arrive by catbus
j/k, it just hasn’t arrived yet, so until then, my bf is my totoro¬† :PMy mom, sis, bf and me went to the Hague today to do some random shopping and I bought stuffs for sushi-making^^ Then we got to a Chinese restaurant and had some really good food ^A ^

But for the rest I just went chilling at my bf’s place, and even received another prezzie from his mom O__o really unexpected but very nice ^^ So it wasn’t an over the top party because most of my family were (still) on vacation and most of my friends too, but the real bday party is Friday =D

Now to something a bit more serious

13th of August the insurance ppl will come and check up my room for the real costs of the damage. (my bed is starting to grow funky orange mildew or something) they said: between 8 and 2 o’clock. Yeh, way to make a proper appointment with someone not being able to sleep in her own room for over 2 weeks or so >__>

14th of August I’ll be going to the hospital for preparations since the surgery on my back will be on the 15th of August. I FINALLY got a date for that which makes me happy on one side, but rather angry, sad and frustrated on the other side. I could’ve been celebrating my bday in HK if I weren’t waiting for an actual date for the surgery. They sent the letter two weeks before the real date, so it’s like, having just two weeks to get everything settled which is rather hard with my room being such a mess for example.

They say I might have to stay in the hospital bed for 2 weeks, but I hope they are just taking exaggerated measurements for my recovery. I’ve never been in hospital for more than 1 week, so I hope it won’t take more than that one time either XD After that they say I might have to lay down for a month maybe. A part of the reason why I wanted a laptop XD

This will be my last surgery. After my previous surgery they said I didn’t need any more, but I felt like it wasn’t really done yet. So I went to another hospital for a second opinion; this surgery will finish the last bits so everything on my back gets better. Hope it’ll all go well. I’m not really nervous about it or something. It is another hospital than my previous two surgeries but that’s ok. Even the nurses were astounded that I was so uhm.. “coldblooded” for my first surgery on my 14th XD

I’ve been through rather a lot of crap lately. Some ppl in my (in)direct environment know XD. If you don’t, plz don’t comment here but just add me on msn or something. Also I’ll be in the Erasmus hospital in Rotterdam, if ppl reading this would like to visit XD

I’ll try to keep this blog updated before and during hospital. If not, then say hi if you must, and/or enjoy the res of your summer as I will too, no matter what =D

~ N o s h i