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First day in hospital
Posted on August 14th, 2008 at 3:45 am by Noshi

I’ve got internet ! 😀

I had to bring my laptop with me to check if the hospital had internet and I’m so happy it does XD this makes my stay here so much better. Tomorrow is my surgery, but I’ll try to keep this blog updated.

For the people I know they are reading this: I’m in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. My phone is allowed to be on, visiting hours are from 15.00 to 19.30 to avoid hindrance for the other people on my dorm, there are not more than two people around, but it should be ok if people take turns with going into my room. I’ll probably be on the “Ortopaedie” department, but tomorrow and day after tomorrow I might be on the intensive care, so if you visit, don’t come before Sunday XD I’ll probably be stoning out from full narcosis, that’s why.

Noshi edit 1: I’m in a room with old people XD This is like.. my worst nightmare, but as long as they won’t bite (with our without teeth) then I hope I can bear with it XDD
Also thinking of hiring a TV after my surgery.. but don’t think I will be watching the olympics during my stay =/ I think I can watch that online anyway too XD

Noshi edit 2: it’s 11 in the evening, and I’m about to brush my teeth and put stuff away in my locker. Today a new guy came in in the afternoon. He looked uhm.. bloody. He left but is now here again and it seems like he’s in a lot of pain O__o. Also I can already hear old people snoring.. thank god for mp4 player XD

So.. take care everyone, if I don’t post here anymore, I’ll probably won’t be posting again till Sunday or so.