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That granny next to me
Posted on August 23rd, 2008 at 2:20 pm by Noshi

I felt bored and all of a sudden some thoughts about my stay in the hospital arose.

So I mentioned few posts back that there were a lot of old people on that same department where I stayed. Well, there was this particular old lady lying in a bed next to me that was just so.. weird that I remembered her as that weird granny.

She had the looks of mrs. Fowl from Jimmy Neutron cartoon series XD but she also talked like that. First thing I remember of her is that she talks A LOT. And not to other patients in particular but usually through the phone. And then she always used to talk about the same things to different people. Everyday she had a new topic to talk about, it sounded so routine, everytime it was almost as if she was bragging about it.

I never talked much to her though, no kidding, because I was always staring at the  ceiling and once I could, I turned on my side so I didn’t feel bothered with the rest of the room. But her talks about how they heated up her blanket, or what she saw on tv, or what happened to her diaper kept on going the whole day long. I totally got frustrated when one day she started gossiping about me like : “that poor 18 year old girl next to me that had 3 surgeries and that is always so quiet, but I won’t say a thing about that because she might get frustrated”. So rude, I thought. You don’t hear me talking to my friends about “that foul mouthed granny next to me that does nothing but calling people and letting her diaper overflow” either. XD

The structure of her sentences were always the same throughout the whole days she got called. Always like: “I can use my left hip for 100% and my right hip for 10%!” and “Yesh yesh, and they have this device that is green, with soft lining in a U-shape and handles I can hold my hands on so I can actually lean on it.”
But that’s just how it is I think, because she never did anything else the whole day for 6 weeks, she probably didn’t have anything else to talk about than those same topics all over again. I’m sure the people she called enjoyed hearing how she was doing. I was hearing it 30 times a day

When she heard she was going to be transferred to another hospital for rehabilitation, she freaked out. Because she was “always a control freak, I got that from my father. All the stuff on the closet always have to stand in the same order and now I’ll have to mess that up.” She had to call everyone she knew, and I  mean everyone. So the whole day I heard nothing more than: “I’m leaving this place tomorrow between 10 and half pas 10. I heard that today around 12 o’clock. Yesh yesh very unexpected, I panicked when I heard it, because I won’t be able to pack my own stuff as I want to, but luckily there was this lady that is the nurse of a good friend of mine, and she offered to help me etc”

She felt so home there that she wanted to donate 150 euros to the nurses of the department. “as a gratitude for your kindness and your help and always being so patient with me”. Well in the end it was 50 euros because they refused to take that much money as a gift, and she finally disappeared with the ambulance staff.

So it finally got quiet. It was the same day as my leave would be though, I enjoyed the silence and took a nap before my mom and aunt would come pick me up. Writing this I hope I can get her out of my subconsciousness, I think I got brainwashed a bit because of her repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating…