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It sux!!!
Posted on August 27th, 2008 at 6:00 am by Noshi

So why did  my surgery had to be AFTER my 18th birthday again? Right now I’ve been 18 years old for 23 days and so far it sux. I started physiotherapy yesterday, and have to come back Friday. It just popped to mind that in a few days some hell of a stack of bills will fly into my mail box. I never really took the time to look into my insurance stuff because I at least thought it would be before my 18th bday. And before I could even say nya, my room started to become a total mess because of that leak in the radiator. That room I’ve been living in for 12 years straight without a change, and in which I can’t even sleep now yet. I’m 18 and sleeping in my mommy’s bed <__< I’m afraid that I might get into some serious money problems if I won’t be able to start working again soon. I’ll have to finish the physiotherapy as soon as possible, have to try my hardest to get myself mobile again. Also I might get into all that school stress again, since I still have to contact “someone” from those teachers to tell me what to do with my current situation. I might have to skip school for the first week or maybe two weeks. I hope I won’t be missing too much. It’d suck to have recovered to go stress my butt out right away for school =__=

Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital again for a check up. I hope that’ll go well since I am still not able to sit for a long time. And those people are really good at letting their patients wait for a long time >_> Well at least I got an excuse to skip my shot against thrombosis then. They said I had to give myself shots against thrombosis for 6 freaking weeks. I hate those shots and especially since I have to do it myself. Those shots hurt like hell, and not because of the needle itself, but rather the fluid that’s in the injection. as soon as I can function like a normal person again, which I expect to be soon, I’ll quit the injections. No way I’ll be giving myself shots for 6 weeks.

Well yeah it seems that I’m not in a good mood today, just had to write it off, although this is just a tip of the iceberg of big nuisances.