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It sux!!!
Posted on August 27th, 2008 at 6:00 am by Noshi

So why did  my surgery had to be AFTER my 18th birthday again? Right now I’ve been 18 years old for 23 days and so far it sux. I started physiotherapy yesterday, and have to come back Friday. It just popped to mind that in a few days some hell of a stack of bills will fly into my mail box. I never really took the time to look into my insurance stuff because I at least thought it would be before my 18th bday. And before I could even say nya, my room started to become a total mess because of that leak in the radiator. That room I’ve been living in for 12 years straight without a change, and in which I can’t even sleep now yet. I’m 18 and sleeping in my mommy’s bed <__< I’m afraid that I might get into some serious money problems if I won’t be able to start working again soon. I’ll have to finish the physiotherapy as soon as possible, have to try my hardest to get myself mobile again. Also I might get into all that school stress again, since I still have to contact “someone” from those teachers to tell me what to do with my current situation. I might have to skip school for the first week or maybe two weeks. I hope I won’t be missing too much. It’d suck to have recovered to go stress my butt out right away for school =__=

Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital again for a check up. I hope that’ll go well since I am still not able to sit for a long time. And those people are really good at letting their patients wait for a long time >_> Well at least I got an excuse to skip my shot against thrombosis then. They said I had to give myself shots against thrombosis for 6 freaking weeks. I hate those shots and especially since I have to do it myself. Those shots hurt like hell, and not because of the needle itself, but rather the fluid that’s in the injection. as soon as I can function like a normal person again, which I expect to be soon, I’ll quit the injections. No way I’ll be giving myself shots for 6 weeks.

Well yeah it seems that I’m not in a good mood today, just had to write it off, although this is just a tip of the iceberg of big nuisances.

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Link Here | August 27, 2008,

First and foremost, your health…a sound recovery and the rest will follow….ah, I understand how it can be stressful but please, do not add to what you already dealing with. Maybe, talk to your mama about your current state of affairs, with regards to your bills and school….get her to help you until you are back on your feet….I can tell you honestly, as much as we sometimes fuss about our parents, they come through for us and can be life savers.
all the best!

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