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“Today was a very very good day”
Posted on September 3rd, 2008 at 7:00 pm by Noshi

Is what I said to my boyfriend, the person who’ve kept me company for the whole day, about four days straight^^. I woke up around 10 am, and prepared for physiotherapy. As I got there I hopped on the hometrainer and started “cycling”. It went fairly well, I even left my physiotherapist surprised of my progress. So I cycled about 1.5 km in 5 minutes. Fair enough, I didn’t get tired anyway. Then we started some exercises for my upper body. That didn’t go that well.. there is this stinging feeling between my shoulder blades on the left side when I make certain movements with my arms or shoulders :S I hope that will go away eventually, it hurts. All in all, the physiotherapist was satisfied, said I could cycle a bit if I feel like it. And I was satisfied as well ^^

And I finally had a good shower without all those weird plasters all over my back..  it felt great, especially compared to all the hassle we had to go through last week trying to wash my hair without making those plasters wet, which resulted in me sitting on a chair in the kitchen trying to bend my back as far as you can call it bending with the current state of my it xD damn that was drama, but I’m glad my aunt and mom took the time for it.

Then my boyfriend came and we went to the bank in the neighbourhood so I could deposit some money on my own account ^^ the remains of my bday money :3 We went back and I could hear my mother call my cellphone already, asking me where I’ve gone off to. She doesn’t like me going outside without her or without her knowing it.. *sigh*

I caught up on some Soul Eater episodes, had dinner, and decided on what to do for the evening. So I decided that I’d let  my bf pick me up so we could cycle together to his home and hang out at his place after 4 weeks not having been there. My mother was not too pleased with it.. to say the least =___= she got all angry and stuff and started screaming that she doesn’t allow me to do so without even listening to reasoning. I’ve been in my room for a week now, 2 weeks since I got home. The doctor said I could cycle, and my bf would keep an eye on me, and it’s good for me to train  my muscles once in a while and keeping them flexible, but she would only keep on screaming the same thing and I just left =__= I didn’t feel like listening when the doctor gave me her OK, and when I just want to do something else but site in my room.

But it went very well. I just took it easy and cycled the least roughest paths. And after a long welcome of bf’s mom and sister and uncle (lol) I was in another trusted environment again.We just hung out for a while, watching a bit tv and stuff, then we went back again without any problems. Just that I got home and my mom scolded me again =__= I don’t think it’s about cycling or not cycling anymore. It sounds rather like she’s pissed because I ignored her. Well she ignored my reasonings too, and ignored the doctor’s advice too >__> I’m not going to sit still for 2 more weeks without moving and letting my muscles get all weak and stuff but meh.

Tomorrow I’ll just chill. Do some exercises once in a while.. I STILL didn’t receive my timetable yet.. the teacher in charge said I’d get it by the end of the week =_______=  So no school stuffs for me yet. I’ll just watch anime and eat chocolate or something @[email protected]

Begin of a new school year?
Posted on September 1st, 2008 at 11:24 am by Noshi

The summer holidays are officially over.. but not for me! XD

I called school this morning, took me almost an hour since the right person I needed to talk to wasn’t available everytime. But I explained I couldn’t go to school probably over the next two weeks, and he said it’s ok, and that he knew from another teacher what’s up. So I sent him my email address and he’d send me the timetable and other information and stuff. Now, I know he’s a messy teacher, he used to be my history teacher and he’s a nice guy, just from experience I know he’s messy. So I really hope he won’t forget.

Wednesday I’ll be going to physiotherapy again. I’m going to practice cycling, hope it’ll go well so I can cycle again XD not that I’ll go cycle like mad when I’m able to, though. I still can’t sit for too long. 2 or 3 hours max, and then it’s laying down again. After the surgery I grew 2,5 cm, and lost 5 kilograms T__T all that hard effort gaining those kilograms.. gone! D: Now I’ll have to start over again and work harder too, since I’m a bit longer, I need to gain “normal” weight again.

I’ve been reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. It follows a 15 year old run away named Tamura Kafka, and a 60 year old man that can speak to cats. I’m half way but that whole run away thing is starting to get boring now XD I’m determined to finish it this week though. I hate leaving books unfinished.

As for other entertainment. I’ve been watching gokusen from episode one, season one, and am watching season two now. Nakama Yukie is just too awesome. So natural and silly 😛 I just don’t like the second season as much as the first season though. It lacks something.. conviction? originality?

Ah.. there’s still so much to do about my room ;___; I have to find new spots for all that stuff that’s been piling up for 12 years. And going to buy myself some new manga very soon too xD Also I think I should finish my wall painting one of these days. I started it two years ago and it’s like 80% finished but never got the motivation to finish the last details..

Oh before I forget. Fansub.tv is in the need of an editor for the webzine project some mods/sempais have been working on. If you’re willing to participate in this project as an editor, and think you’ve got the requirements then don’t hesitate to let us know! More info HERE