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It’s been a while~
Posted on October 19th, 2008 at 6:07 pm by Noshi

Ah.. it’s been such a long time since I updated my blog lol.

I’m having fall-holidays right now for a week, but since I’m so behind on school stuff I’m going to need my time to catch up on stuff T_____T. So yeah, probably little fun time for me. Ah.. I want to go to concerts..  I had to miss the  MUCC concert on the 8th of October…

So.. I’ve going to school and work  now and then, and all goes well, though it could be better. I feel like I’m going to fail this year. I just don’t really feel as if I’m getting the support I should be receiving, or that I’ll even catch up on the subjects before our first tests. They told me I could do one part of the testweek and do the other part later on.

What’s new in Noshi’s interests?
– Well, too much anime, I’ve been downloading so much to check out and probably double-downloaded stuff already, so I think I’ll just go watch two or three series that seem interesting and watch other series during winter holidays or so.
– Stand up Japanese dramaseries. It’s about 4 virgin boys desperately trying to get rid of their virginity because everyone in their direct environment seems to have done it already XD
– Clothes! Lots and lots of clothes. The internetz iz evil!! It makes it so easy to find sites that sells the brands/clothes you like ^^ it’s bad for my wallet D:
– Livejournal… one of my new addictions since I came across it in search for stuff to spend money on. Me and my friend set up a buying/selling journal hehe. While it was meant for me as a selling journal as well, she uses it more for selling, though I’m just buying XD
– Pokemon… yeah.. I dug up my old gameboy advance SP (I just love this thingXD) and a colleague lent me his pokemon sapphire, lol. But I came to the conclusion I do not like to play it xD I mean, progress is going well, but throughout the whole game it’s just battling and battling and battling… XD and it’s like “pokemon x used confuse ray!!” *shows animation of confuse ray* “pokemon y is confused!” *shows pokemon y being confused* “pokemon y hurts itself in it’s confusion!!” *shows pokemon doing damage to himself* etc etc etc xD

Ah~ I really need to get some stuff straight / done before the end of the year. I just feel that if I won’t do that, I’m probably wasting the last half of this year =/ Though it has various reasons I have no influence in, I just feel like I need to take action just so I can at least say I did my best.

Talking about end of the year.. please look forward to webzine no. 2 !! Also, if you’re interested in contributing in ANY, if not, your OWN way, send me or monsta a pm 😉 Any extra help/contribution is most welcome! We’re especially searching for another editor and probably another proofreader. Keep your heads up!