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Posted on November 11th, 2008 at 3:26 pm by Noshi

I’m going to write a random blog entry real fast with random ramblings just because I feel like it, and please excuse any possible typos ahead! XD

I changed my music player, since my last one was outdated and I forgot the password to that stupid thing and mailing those guys didn’t help so there. For now the small selection of J-pop I can stand XD and yeah I know DJ Ozma is there and he is the wrongest guy alive but the song is fun. I’ll add a different player with rock and stuff ^^

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Random stuff I bought online for cheap (there should be more, but don’t have a pic of it atm) XD First one is a purse, next some pendants, Stigmata wristcuff and skirt, and more pendants for my bf ^^
And this one Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us because it was on sale on CDJapan and the only one left so yay, lucky me.
I should quit buying random stuff. . . yeah I should do that.


Hehe, I’ll go for a new haircut once I get my pay ^^ It’s really waaay too long, haven’t cut it in like almost a year or so, I feel like a hippie. I feel it crawling down my back o___o I’ll most probably dye it as well. I mean, I’m still young and all and once you’ll get a serious job and stuff, getting cool haircuts and wearing nice outfits isn’t allowed anymore =__= might as well take advantage of it while it still can.

So what more? I’m sick, having the worst headaches and dizziness. Dealing with an annoying skin irritation as well >__<And above that, I’m in the middle of my test week. So yeah I feel screwed even though I’m lucky my teachers agreed on letting me make half of the tests next week.

I’ve caught up with Soul eater, Detroit metal city and Kuroshitsuji. Next is Chaos;head and then my list of favorite anime is up to date! I just noticed that especially the first three I mentioned have this rather macabre/humorous/ironic/cool feel to them. Soul eater has some really weird story concept, but not unconvincing at all imo. Unique characters of which I would wish they were my classmates XD Detroit metal city is honestly the funniest anime I’ve ever seen. It’s just so exaggerating and unique. Don’t mess with DMC (and their fans lol). While watching xxxHolic did you ever feel like yuuko’s outfits were drawn by fashiondesigners or something? Some of the outfits in said anime wer just so gorgeous. Same with the ones in Kuroshitsuji. I’m watching my eyes out on these Gothic- Lolita/Aristocrats -like outfits. Definitely makes me feel like buying the collaborative clothes created by Black Peace Now and Atelier Boz based on this anime. take a look here

Speaking of fashion. H&M is known for having japan-inspired clothes but they are taking it to the max now:comme des garcons for H&M
Lol most probably won’t even know what I’m talking about but anyways. I sure am liking some of the clothes ^^ Rather pricey for my budget but it’s nice imo.

Events? I’ve celebrated the bday of my bf last week, I’ve seen quantum of solace in the cinema, another bday coming up next week which I’m looking forward to. Visual Kei band DIO will play on the 21st of November which I sadly can’t attend. Going to that damned location will cost me more than the ticket itself, damn you damn organisation with your stupid location XD.  Oh and Tokyo decadance the 27th of November which I obviously won’t have money for seeing what I’ve spent already this month. They announced it waay to late too. besides, it’s on a Thursday >__> too bad, I sure wanted to have one hell of a good and extravagant party again.

So as I’m typing, my mind is getting rid of the random and distracting thoughts, so I’ll be going back to studying again.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading through xD