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Posted on January 12th, 2009 at 4:03 pm by Noshi

How is everyone doing? Is the new year treating you alright?

I went to the Calmando Qual concert yesterday, it was awesome. Two of the five members were not present, though the remaining three gave one hell of a performance! Good interaction with the audience, lots of humour and upbeat songs. I enjoyed it to the fullest, bouncing and headbanging and stuff ^^
I didn’t have anything to get signed but I did take a picture with them with my friends =D

My new year’s resolutions:
1. Buy less crap and clothes
2. Try to earn more money
3. Clean up my room more often as it’s a mess 24/7
4. Finish creative projects; I tend to slack off and end up not finishing projects I started on XD
5. Do better at school once a new school year starts.

Especially the saving money part will be important to me. I want to go to Japan during Winter holidays with my boyfriend and am very determined to save up money for that and celebrate new year’s eve there ^^  I want to buy lots of stuff and hang out there XD oh and score a fukubukuro lucky pack! You know, those very valuable limited lucky pack some shops stuff with sometimes very pricey items after new year for a relatively low price.(people in Japan stand in line for those since early in the morning/evening in the cold to get hold of these limited bags! Then those humble nice Japanese aren’t that humble and nice anymore once the doors open. Running like headless chickens clawing each other’s eyes out to get what they’ve stood in line for XD Ah.. looking forward to it, though I’ll probably go for those smaller clothing shops like those of s-inc

I’ve been spending a whole lot less already, kinda happy with that. I feel like I can restrain myself better and just click away items I find that I want to buy at first.
Just wanted to share some with you guys 😛
Financial Crystal lucky phonestrap and their phonestrap lucky bag; here
These car seat covers!They are so cool and cute I just want them but unfortunately my bf would never let those in his car if he ever gets one XDD
And I think these shirts are so freaky yet cute
Click and click

But yeah I’ll only be buying necessary things from now on. I still need a new haircut and shoes. My hair is so long I look like a hippie. My shoes are all dead and most of them don’t match my clothes XD

Oh.. lately I’ve been watching Tokyo Kawaii much. It’s very interesting and mostly about the Japanese subcultures and stuff. Veoh has deleted most of the episodes 🙁 And youtube doesn’t have much. Do tell me if you know where to get more of these vids!
Check it out!