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Posted on January 12th, 2009 at 4:03 pm by Noshi

How is everyone doing? Is the new year treating you alright?

I went to the Calmando Qual concert yesterday, it was awesome. Two of the five members were not present, though the remaining three gave one hell of a performance! Good interaction with the audience, lots of humour and upbeat songs. I enjoyed it to the fullest, bouncing and headbanging and stuff ^^
I didn’t have anything to get signed but I did take a picture with them with my friends =D

My new year’s resolutions:
1. Buy less crap and clothes
2. Try to earn more money
3. Clean up my room more often as it’s a mess 24/7
4. Finish creative projects; I tend to slack off and end up not finishing projects I started on XD
5. Do better at school once a new school year starts.

Especially the saving money part will be important to me. I want to go to Japan during Winter holidays with my boyfriend and am very determined to save up money for that and celebrate new year’s eve there ^^  I want to buy lots of stuff and hang out there XD oh and score a fukubukuro lucky pack! You know, those very valuable limited lucky pack some shops stuff with sometimes very pricey items after new year for a relatively low price.(people in Japan stand in line for those since early in the morning/evening in the cold to get hold of these limited bags! Then those humble nice Japanese aren’t that humble and nice anymore once the doors open. Running like headless chickens clawing each other’s eyes out to get what they’ve stood in line for XD Ah.. looking forward to it, though I’ll probably go for those smaller clothing shops like those of s-inc

I’ve been spending a whole lot less already, kinda happy with that. I feel like I can restrain myself better and just click away items I find that I want to buy at first.
Just wanted to share some with you guys 😛
Financial Crystal lucky phonestrap and their phonestrap lucky bag; here
These car seat covers!They are so cool and cute I just want them but unfortunately my bf would never let those in his car if he ever gets one XDD
And I think these shirts are so freaky yet cute
Click and click

But yeah I’ll only be buying necessary things from now on. I still need a new haircut and shoes. My hair is so long I look like a hippie. My shoes are all dead and most of them don’t match my clothes XD

Oh.. lately I’ve been watching Tokyo Kawaii much. It’s very interesting and mostly about the Japanese subcultures and stuff. Veoh has deleted most of the episodes 🙁 And youtube doesn’t have much. Do tell me if you know where to get more of these vids!
Check it out!

Posted on November 11th, 2008 at 3:26 pm by Noshi

I’m going to write a random blog entry real fast with random ramblings just because I feel like it, and please excuse any possible typos ahead! XD

I changed my music player, since my last one was outdated and I forgot the password to that stupid thing and mailing those guys didn’t help so there. For now the small selection of J-pop I can stand XD and yeah I know DJ Ozma is there and he is the wrongest guy alive but the song is fun. I’ll add a different player with rock and stuff ^^

picture spam!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Random stuff I bought online for cheap (there should be more, but don’t have a pic of it atm) XD First one is a purse, next some pendants, Stigmata wristcuff and skirt, and more pendants for my bf ^^
And this one Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us because it was on sale on CDJapan and the only one left so yay, lucky me.
I should quit buying random stuff. . . yeah I should do that.


Hehe, I’ll go for a new haircut once I get my pay ^^ It’s really waaay too long, haven’t cut it in like almost a year or so, I feel like a hippie. I feel it crawling down my back o___o I’ll most probably dye it as well. I mean, I’m still young and all and once you’ll get a serious job and stuff, getting cool haircuts and wearing nice outfits isn’t allowed anymore =__= might as well take advantage of it while it still can.

So what more? I’m sick, having the worst headaches and dizziness. Dealing with an annoying skin irritation as well >__<And above that, I’m in the middle of my test week. So yeah I feel screwed even though I’m lucky my teachers agreed on letting me make half of the tests next week.

I’ve caught up with Soul eater, Detroit metal city and Kuroshitsuji. Next is Chaos;head and then my list of favorite anime is up to date! I just noticed that especially the first three I mentioned have this rather macabre/humorous/ironic/cool feel to them. Soul eater has some really weird story concept, but not unconvincing at all imo. Unique characters of which I would wish they were my classmates XD Detroit metal city is honestly the funniest anime I’ve ever seen. It’s just so exaggerating and unique. Don’t mess with DMC (and their fans lol). While watching xxxHolic did you ever feel like yuuko’s outfits were drawn by fashiondesigners or something? Some of the outfits in said anime wer just so gorgeous. Same with the ones in Kuroshitsuji. I’m watching my eyes out on these Gothic- Lolita/Aristocrats -like outfits. Definitely makes me feel like buying the collaborative clothes created by Black Peace Now and Atelier Boz based on this anime. take a look here

Speaking of fashion. H&M is known for having japan-inspired clothes but they are taking it to the max now:comme des garcons for H&M
Lol most probably won’t even know what I’m talking about but anyways. I sure am liking some of the clothes ^^ Rather pricey for my budget but it’s nice imo.

Events? I’ve celebrated the bday of my bf last week, I’ve seen quantum of solace in the cinema, another bday coming up next week which I’m looking forward to. Visual Kei band DIO will play on the 21st of November which I sadly can’t attend. Going to that damned location will cost me more than the ticket itself, damn you damn organisation with your stupid location XD.  Oh and Tokyo decadance the 27th of November which I obviously won’t have money for seeing what I’ve spent already this month. They announced it waay to late too. besides, it’s on a Thursday >__> too bad, I sure wanted to have one hell of a good and extravagant party again.

So as I’m typing, my mind is getting rid of the random and distracting thoughts, so I’ll be going back to studying again.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading through xD

It’s been a while~
Posted on October 19th, 2008 at 6:07 pm by Noshi

Ah.. it’s been such a long time since I updated my blog lol.

I’m having fall-holidays right now for a week, but since I’m so behind on school stuff I’m going to need my time to catch up on stuff T_____T. So yeah, probably little fun time for me. Ah.. I want to go to concerts..  I had to miss the  MUCC concert on the 8th of October…

So.. I’ve going to school and work  now and then, and all goes well, though it could be better. I feel like I’m going to fail this year. I just don’t really feel as if I’m getting the support I should be receiving, or that I’ll even catch up on the subjects before our first tests. They told me I could do one part of the testweek and do the other part later on.

What’s new in Noshi’s interests?
– Well, too much anime, I’ve been downloading so much to check out and probably double-downloaded stuff already, so I think I’ll just go watch two or three series that seem interesting and watch other series during winter holidays or so.
– Stand up Japanese dramaseries. It’s about 4 virgin boys desperately trying to get rid of their virginity because everyone in their direct environment seems to have done it already XD
– Clothes! Lots and lots of clothes. The internetz iz evil!! It makes it so easy to find sites that sells the brands/clothes you like ^^ it’s bad for my wallet D:
– Livejournal… one of my new addictions since I came across it in search for stuff to spend money on. Me and my friend set up a buying/selling journal hehe. While it was meant for me as a selling journal as well, she uses it more for selling, though I’m just buying XD
– Pokemon… yeah.. I dug up my old gameboy advance SP (I just love this thingXD) and a colleague lent me his pokemon sapphire, lol. But I came to the conclusion I do not like to play it xD I mean, progress is going well, but throughout the whole game it’s just battling and battling and battling… XD and it’s like “pokemon x used confuse ray!!” *shows animation of confuse ray* “pokemon y is confused!” *shows pokemon y being confused* “pokemon y hurts itself in it’s confusion!!” *shows pokemon doing damage to himself* etc etc etc xD

Ah~ I really need to get some stuff straight / done before the end of the year. I just feel that if I won’t do that, I’m probably wasting the last half of this year =/ Though it has various reasons I have no influence in, I just feel like I need to take action just so I can at least say I did my best.

Talking about end of the year.. please look forward to webzine no. 2 !! Also, if you’re interested in contributing in ANY, if not, your OWN way, send me or monsta a pm 😉 Any extra help/contribution is most welcome! We’re especially searching for another editor and probably another proofreader. Keep your heads up!

“Today was a very very good day”
Posted on September 3rd, 2008 at 7:00 pm by Noshi

Is what I said to my boyfriend, the person who’ve kept me company for the whole day, about four days straight^^. I woke up around 10 am, and prepared for physiotherapy. As I got there I hopped on the hometrainer and started “cycling”. It went fairly well, I even left my physiotherapist surprised of my progress. So I cycled about 1.5 km in 5 minutes. Fair enough, I didn’t get tired anyway. Then we started some exercises for my upper body. That didn’t go that well.. there is this stinging feeling between my shoulder blades on the left side when I make certain movements with my arms or shoulders :S I hope that will go away eventually, it hurts. All in all, the physiotherapist was satisfied, said I could cycle a bit if I feel like it. And I was satisfied as well ^^

And I finally had a good shower without all those weird plasters all over my back..  it felt great, especially compared to all the hassle we had to go through last week trying to wash my hair without making those plasters wet, which resulted in me sitting on a chair in the kitchen trying to bend my back as far as you can call it bending with the current state of my it xD damn that was drama, but I’m glad my aunt and mom took the time for it.

Then my boyfriend came and we went to the bank in the neighbourhood so I could deposit some money on my own account ^^ the remains of my bday money :3 We went back and I could hear my mother call my cellphone already, asking me where I’ve gone off to. She doesn’t like me going outside without her or without her knowing it.. *sigh*

I caught up on some Soul Eater episodes, had dinner, and decided on what to do for the evening. So I decided that I’d let  my bf pick me up so we could cycle together to his home and hang out at his place after 4 weeks not having been there. My mother was not too pleased with it.. to say the least =___= she got all angry and stuff and started screaming that she doesn’t allow me to do so without even listening to reasoning. I’ve been in my room for a week now, 2 weeks since I got home. The doctor said I could cycle, and my bf would keep an eye on me, and it’s good for me to train  my muscles once in a while and keeping them flexible, but she would only keep on screaming the same thing and I just left =__= I didn’t feel like listening when the doctor gave me her OK, and when I just want to do something else but site in my room.

But it went very well. I just took it easy and cycled the least roughest paths. And after a long welcome of bf’s mom and sister and uncle (lol) I was in another trusted environment again.We just hung out for a while, watching a bit tv and stuff, then we went back again without any problems. Just that I got home and my mom scolded me again =__= I don’t think it’s about cycling or not cycling anymore. It sounds rather like she’s pissed because I ignored her. Well she ignored my reasonings too, and ignored the doctor’s advice too >__> I’m not going to sit still for 2 more weeks without moving and letting my muscles get all weak and stuff but meh.

Tomorrow I’ll just chill. Do some exercises once in a while.. I STILL didn’t receive my timetable yet.. the teacher in charge said I’d get it by the end of the week =_______=  So no school stuffs for me yet. I’ll just watch anime and eat chocolate or something @[email protected]

Begin of a new school year?
Posted on September 1st, 2008 at 11:24 am by Noshi

The summer holidays are officially over.. but not for me! XD

I called school this morning, took me almost an hour since the right person I needed to talk to wasn’t available everytime. But I explained I couldn’t go to school probably over the next two weeks, and he said it’s ok, and that he knew from another teacher what’s up. So I sent him my email address and he’d send me the timetable and other information and stuff. Now, I know he’s a messy teacher, he used to be my history teacher and he’s a nice guy, just from experience I know he’s messy. So I really hope he won’t forget.

Wednesday I’ll be going to physiotherapy again. I’m going to practice cycling, hope it’ll go well so I can cycle again XD not that I’ll go cycle like mad when I’m able to, though. I still can’t sit for too long. 2 or 3 hours max, and then it’s laying down again. After the surgery I grew 2,5 cm, and lost 5 kilograms T__T all that hard effort gaining those kilograms.. gone! D: Now I’ll have to start over again and work harder too, since I’m a bit longer, I need to gain “normal” weight again.

I’ve been reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. It follows a 15 year old run away named Tamura Kafka, and a 60 year old man that can speak to cats. I’m half way but that whole run away thing is starting to get boring now XD I’m determined to finish it this week though. I hate leaving books unfinished.

As for other entertainment. I’ve been watching gokusen from episode one, season one, and am watching season two now. Nakama Yukie is just too awesome. So natural and silly 😛 I just don’t like the second season as much as the first season though. It lacks something.. conviction? originality?

Ah.. there’s still so much to do about my room ;___; I have to find new spots for all that stuff that’s been piling up for 12 years. And going to buy myself some new manga very soon too xD Also I think I should finish my wall painting one of these days. I started it two years ago and it’s like 80% finished but never got the motivation to finish the last details..

Oh before I forget. Fansub.tv is in the need of an editor for the webzine project some mods/sempais have been working on. If you’re willing to participate in this project as an editor, and think you’ve got the requirements then don’t hesitate to let us know! More info HERE

It sux!!!
Posted on August 27th, 2008 at 6:00 am by Noshi

So why did  my surgery had to be AFTER my 18th birthday again? Right now I’ve been 18 years old for 23 days and so far it sux. I started physiotherapy yesterday, and have to come back Friday. It just popped to mind that in a few days some hell of a stack of bills will fly into my mail box. I never really took the time to look into my insurance stuff because I at least thought it would be before my 18th bday. And before I could even say nya, my room started to become a total mess because of that leak in the radiator. That room I’ve been living in for 12 years straight without a change, and in which I can’t even sleep now yet. I’m 18 and sleeping in my mommy’s bed <__< I’m afraid that I might get into some serious money problems if I won’t be able to start working again soon. I’ll have to finish the physiotherapy as soon as possible, have to try my hardest to get myself mobile again. Also I might get into all that school stress again, since I still have to contact “someone” from those teachers to tell me what to do with my current situation. I might have to skip school for the first week or maybe two weeks. I hope I won’t be missing too much. It’d suck to have recovered to go stress my butt out right away for school =__=

Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital again for a check up. I hope that’ll go well since I am still not able to sit for a long time. And those people are really good at letting their patients wait for a long time >_> Well at least I got an excuse to skip my shot against thrombosis then. They said I had to give myself shots against thrombosis for 6 freaking weeks. I hate those shots and especially since I have to do it myself. Those shots hurt like hell, and not because of the needle itself, but rather the fluid that’s in the injection. as soon as I can function like a normal person again, which I expect to be soon, I’ll quit the injections. No way I’ll be giving myself shots for 6 weeks.

Well yeah it seems that I’m not in a good mood today, just had to write it off, although this is just a tip of the iceberg of big nuisances.

That granny next to me
Posted on August 23rd, 2008 at 2:20 pm by Noshi

I felt bored and all of a sudden some thoughts about my stay in the hospital arose.

So I mentioned few posts back that there were a lot of old people on that same department where I stayed. Well, there was this particular old lady lying in a bed next to me that was just so.. weird that I remembered her as that weird granny.

She had the looks of mrs. Fowl from Jimmy Neutron cartoon series XD but she also talked like that. First thing I remember of her is that she talks A LOT. And not to other patients in particular but usually through the phone. And then she always used to talk about the same things to different people. Everyday she had a new topic to talk about, it sounded so routine, everytime it was almost as if she was bragging about it.

I never talked much to her though, no kidding, because I was always staring at the  ceiling and once I could, I turned on my side so I didn’t feel bothered with the rest of the room. But her talks about how they heated up her blanket, or what she saw on tv, or what happened to her diaper kept on going the whole day long. I totally got frustrated when one day she started gossiping about me like : “that poor 18 year old girl next to me that had 3 surgeries and that is always so quiet, but I won’t say a thing about that because she might get frustrated”. So rude, I thought. You don’t hear me talking to my friends about “that foul mouthed granny next to me that does nothing but calling people and letting her diaper overflow” either. XD

The structure of her sentences were always the same throughout the whole days she got called. Always like: “I can use my left hip for 100% and my right hip for 10%!” and “Yesh yesh, and they have this device that is green, with soft lining in a U-shape and handles I can hold my hands on so I can actually lean on it.”
But that’s just how it is I think, because she never did anything else the whole day for 6 weeks, she probably didn’t have anything else to talk about than those same topics all over again. I’m sure the people she called enjoyed hearing how she was doing. I was hearing it 30 times a day

When she heard she was going to be transferred to another hospital for rehabilitation, she freaked out. Because she was “always a control freak, I got that from my father. All the stuff on the closet always have to stand in the same order and now I’ll have to mess that up.” She had to call everyone she knew, and I  mean everyone. So the whole day I heard nothing more than: “I’m leaving this place tomorrow between 10 and half pas 10. I heard that today around 12 o’clock. Yesh yesh very unexpected, I panicked when I heard it, because I won’t be able to pack my own stuff as I want to, but luckily there was this lady that is the nurse of a good friend of mine, and she offered to help me etc”

She felt so home there that she wanted to donate 150 euros to the nurses of the department. “as a gratitude for your kindness and your help and always being so patient with me”. Well in the end it was 50 euros because they refused to take that much money as a gift, and she finally disappeared with the ambulance staff.

So it finally got quiet. It was the same day as my leave would be though, I enjoyed the silence and took a nap before my mom and aunt would come pick me up. Writing this I hope I can get her out of my subconsciousness, I think I got brainwashed a bit because of her repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating…

I’m home
Posted on August 20th, 2008 at 9:51 am by Noshi

I’m home at last. I didn’t update for a while since I decided to let my bf take away my laptop from the hospital to prevent it from being stolen.

The surgery went pretty well. It took them a few hours to take out all the metal from my previous operations out of my back, but that went well and with care so I’m glad about that. Then they attached some longer pieces since my previous ones were too short because I had grown. I heard my wound started leaking again for a while after they were done, and that I lost like 4 litres of blood. But in the end I must say they did a pretty good job 🙂 And I can happily say that my back is STRAIGHT again^^ (and that I;ve grown some more cm which would probably make me one of the longest chinese girls XD

For the ones who still don’t know what I’m talking about, they discovered scoliosis when I was around 12/13 years old, and had two surgeries for that when I was 14. After a while it grew weird again because I had grown again.But my previous surgeon didn’t want to do it over again because he said it was too riskful and not possible to correct so I went to another hospital for a second opinion…. which left me waiting for 10 months or so >__>  and messed up a lot before that time but oh well…

I recovered rather fast and didn’t want to know of morphine very soon after the surgery too. I’m home now and going to be recovering for a few weeks. I’d like to thank everyone visiting me and supporting and stuff ^^

First day in hospital
Posted on August 14th, 2008 at 3:45 am by Noshi

I’ve got internet ! 😀

I had to bring my laptop with me to check if the hospital had internet and I’m so happy it does XD this makes my stay here so much better. Tomorrow is my surgery, but I’ll try to keep this blog updated.

For the people I know they are reading this: I’m in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. My phone is allowed to be on, visiting hours are from 15.00 to 19.30 to avoid hindrance for the other people on my dorm, there are not more than two people around, but it should be ok if people take turns with going into my room. I’ll probably be on the “Ortopaedie” department, but tomorrow and day after tomorrow I might be on the intensive care, so if you visit, don’t come before Sunday XD I’ll probably be stoning out from full narcosis, that’s why.

Noshi edit 1: I’m in a room with old people XD This is like.. my worst nightmare, but as long as they won’t bite (with our without teeth) then I hope I can bear with it XDD
Also thinking of hiring a TV after my surgery.. but don’t think I will be watching the olympics during my stay =/ I think I can watch that online anyway too XD

Noshi edit 2: it’s 11 in the evening, and I’m about to brush my teeth and put stuff away in my locker. Today a new guy came in in the afternoon. He looked uhm.. bloody. He left but is now here again and it seems like he’s in a lot of pain O__o. Also I can already hear old people snoring.. thank god for mp4 player XD

So.. take care everyone, if I don’t post here anymore, I’ll probably won’t be posting again till Sunday or so.

Noshi’s announcements
Posted on August 4th, 2008 at 8:35 pm by Noshi

First off: It’s my 18th birthdaaaaayyy =D

Even though some ppl already congratulated me on the wrong dates, I’m finally really 18 right now. I had a nice day today. No pressure and stress about ppl visiting me and stuff. The day started off great already. Ppl started bothering me with their congrats-texts early in the morning already<3 XD as I wanted to continue to sleep, I prepared myself for being scolded by my mom because I didn’t wake up before 1 pm as I promised to XD

So what did Noshi get for b-day prezzies?
My newest love:click me
I can’t believe I actually have a laptop now. My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I was saving up money for a laptop. So she bought me this one. She’s actually totally clueless when it comes to electronics and stuff, since she bought it before even telling me O__o she said I could pay what I already saved up so far, and that she’d pay the rest ^^ And it’s a good laptop too! XD at first I’d go for the Asus, because it’s small, and light, and ideal to carry around, but this one is actually pretty good and fast =D

And also this weird little thingy
Ah.. I hope I can get myself to wake up in a better way before school starts for me XD this doesn’t seem like a fun way to wake up… well.. actually it does, but I ain’t telling the colleague that got this for me XDDDMy boyfriend was going to give me a totoro ^^ but it still has to arrive by catbus
j/k, it just hasn’t arrived yet, so until then, my bf is my totoro  :PMy mom, sis, bf and me went to the Hague today to do some random shopping and I bought stuffs for sushi-making^^ Then we got to a Chinese restaurant and had some really good food ^A ^

But for the rest I just went chilling at my bf’s place, and even received another prezzie from his mom O__o really unexpected but very nice ^^ So it wasn’t an over the top party because most of my family were (still) on vacation and most of my friends too, but the real bday party is Friday =D

Now to something a bit more serious

13th of August the insurance ppl will come and check up my room for the real costs of the damage. (my bed is starting to grow funky orange mildew or something) they said: between 8 and 2 o’clock. Yeh, way to make a proper appointment with someone not being able to sleep in her own room for over 2 weeks or so >__>

14th of August I’ll be going to the hospital for preparations since the surgery on my back will be on the 15th of August. I FINALLY got a date for that which makes me happy on one side, but rather angry, sad and frustrated on the other side. I could’ve been celebrating my bday in HK if I weren’t waiting for an actual date for the surgery. They sent the letter two weeks before the real date, so it’s like, having just two weeks to get everything settled which is rather hard with my room being such a mess for example.

They say I might have to stay in the hospital bed for 2 weeks, but I hope they are just taking exaggerated measurements for my recovery. I’ve never been in hospital for more than 1 week, so I hope it won’t take more than that one time either XD After that they say I might have to lay down for a month maybe. A part of the reason why I wanted a laptop XD

This will be my last surgery. After my previous surgery they said I didn’t need any more, but I felt like it wasn’t really done yet. So I went to another hospital for a second opinion; this surgery will finish the last bits so everything on my back gets better. Hope it’ll all go well. I’m not really nervous about it or something. It is another hospital than my previous two surgeries but that’s ok. Even the nurses were astounded that I was so uhm.. “coldblooded” for my first surgery on my 14th XD

I’ve been through rather a lot of crap lately. Some ppl in my (in)direct environment know XD. If you don’t, plz don’t comment here but just add me on msn or something. Also I’ll be in the Erasmus hospital in Rotterdam, if ppl reading this would like to visit XD

I’ll try to keep this blog updated before and during hospital. If not, then say hi if you must, and/or enjoy the res of your summer as I will too, no matter what =D

~ N o s h i

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