My First Day at College.

Well i was actually meant to add this around 7 weeks ago but i am, pure and simply too lazy for my own good.

So here it is now. Eventually. So i was pretty excited, it was my first day as a college student,  I woke up at 8 a.m, still pretty worried about how my day would go. I really did want to make the best first impression i could about myself to my lecturer.

So i got ready to go catch my bus, ( i was really nervous about catching the wrong bus, since i didnt know for definite which was the correct bus to get on.) I had done some searching on which bus i should take the day before by asking a few neighbours, Turns out they all gave me different times and busses to get on.*Gutted* Then just as im leaving the house the phone rings, its one of my mum’s friends to tell me which exact bus to get on. (By this time i’m relieved she’s phoned.) She tells me to get on the Outer Circle bus, which is directly across from Lidl Supermarket.

So i stroll up rather half awake but excited. I get to the bus stop down and across the road from Lidl, take a long look at the timetable, ( No. 9 Outer Circle.) I think to myself she said Directly across from Lidl but notihng about down so i decide to walk a little further so now I am Directly across from Lidl’s front door, i see a bus coming which says 10 Outer Cirlce. It seems right since its heading my way, so i get ready and climb on.

I sit for a few minutes working out how it will get to the stop i need to get off at. Then it by-passes the scheme where my college is and takes another route, I start to think of another route for the bus to take me to my stop. Then by pure chance it goes the completely other way. ( Here i was extremely worried and started to get a weird feeling in my stomach.) Turns out i ended up around 5 miles away from the college i was supposed to be at but rather i was up at a hospital. I then find the courage to go and ask the driver politely if this bus goes to my college, he turns looks at me and says “Sorry son, you’re on the wrong bus.” *GUTTED*

He directs me to the correct bus and pats me on back then walks away laughing. I eventually get to the college fully awake but rather gloomy. By this time i was extremely embarrassed and knew i would have to stroll in the room rather late. I get to the corridor where my classroom is  and look through a few windows hoping to see my class. I found them and strolled in looked at the clock and it turns out, I spent an hour taking an extra long bus journey. The lecturer walks up to me and politely asks “Garry, where have you been? You were meant to be here at 9 a.m.” I turn look at him and politely say ” On the Bus.”

Granny’s arent as sweet as they are portrayed to be….

You know how granny’s are supposed to be extremely nice and wouldn’t hurt a fly… or so you would think (and so i thought) because they come across as these very frail people, but i have seen a different “side” to granny’s and now i’ve made my deduction that they are actually decieving us to take over the world…. (sorry i was watching Pinky and the Brain at that moment…) Well anyway ill give you the whole story of how i’ve come to think that grannie’s arent as sweet as they seem to be.

It was back when i had my wretched paper round (yeah i hated it, i need my sleep) well i woke up at 6.30 am as i usually did, there was no sunshine nor rain it was a very mediocre day. So after i had made my two mile journey on my bike to the paper shop, (yeah i was very stupid to get a paper job wo miles away from where i lived, i realise that too.) i picked up my papers and went door to door as i normally would, so after i had finished my “deliveries” i cycled back to the shop for my morning drink of Oasis and to hadn the paper bag back, sweating extremly, i cracked open the bottle and chugged half of the contents down as i cycled on my way home again, but then the inevitable happened my wheel clipped the side of the pavement literally throwing me at some speed across the footpath, my head bouncing of the ground as the flew. I noticed these two Granny’s were right behind me so i stood up and rubbed my head a little checking for lumps or cuts. As i the two Granny’s approached i thought they will most likely ask me if im okay, so i decided ill put on my manly vioce and say something to make me look cool, so i decided to walk back to my bike and as i passed them my hand still rubbing grit out of my hair they both looked at me and burst out in hysterics at my fall. ZOMG. (yeah i thought that too.)

Thus i have come to the conclusion*insert title here*