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College Saga – Episode 1

Every so often as I am surfing the net with stumbleupon, like a crack addict, I find some thing actaully worth talking about. That today was this video series called “college saga.” Now I am not a fan of final fantasy, if some one wants to destroy the world I say let them, but I played a game or two and understand it. I am no poser, but no fan either 😛

Written, Directed and Produced by Mark Leung.

Once upon a time, when Earth was still a beautiful place, an evil force came to turn all living things into Vegetarians.

Three students from suburban Massachusetts would step up against this catastrophe… to end Vegetarian Supremacy.

Mark, Jesús, Maria and their foes would make amazing personal discoveries as the two forces clash.

And so began the ultimate saga about friendship, heritage, sex and explosions.

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